Bartec Safety Engineering la IEAS 2017

The most diverse range of solutions for hazardous areas

Bartec Safety Engineering will be among the exhibitors of the International Electric & Automation Show 2017, organized by DK Expo at the Parliament Palace, from September 19-22.

As every year, we intend to present to the visitors of the fair the most complex range of equipment for areas at risk of explosion, such as:

• Analyzers and measurement technologies: analyzers and analysis systems, vibration measurement technologies, humidity measurement technologies, seismic measurement technologies, technical temperature measurement solutions. 

• Automation technologies and mobile communications: POLARIS operator stations, identification systems, tablets, mobile phones and solutions for wireless networks in EX areas, HMI systems.

• Technologies for the mining industry: systems engineering, motors, automation, electrical connection equipment.

• Measurements and data acquisition: technical solutions for the storage, distribution and handling of dangerous fluids, technologies for the food / milk industry.

• Electrical appliances for connections and motors: motors for hazardous areas, electrical connection technologies, control and control systems.
Control and connection equipment: Ex command and control equipment, Ex systems installations, Ex p pressurized enclosures, ATEX and protection in areas with combustible dust.

• Electric heating technologies: electric heating systems, components for industrial applications, leakage detection systems.

• Field equipment: distribution boxes and housings, systems, control buttons, complete control stations, luminaires, visual and audible signal equipment, industrial outlets, gas detection systems.

• VODEC communication equipment: PA / GA (Public Address / General Alarm) communication equipment, intercom systems, general communication and warning systems.


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